With the 3dRudder Pro Wireless foot motion controller, there is no time wasted anymore on training users on how to move in VR with sticks. No issue either with them having difficulties coordinating motion at the sticks with doing with the hands. No need for dedicated space, no overhead cable management. It takes less than 5 seconds for anyone, even non gamers, to start moving in VR.


Thanks to its 4 axes, the 3dRudder Pro Wireless brings precise motion control to your VR applications. Effortless movements of the feet on its platform suffice to trigger motion: tilt the 3dRudder forward/backward, left/right, rotate it, or exert pressure to move up or down, and experience natural and precise motion control in VR.


For most VR training and business applications, standing is unnecessary. It’s even actually counterproductive as it prevents users from being fully immersed. The 3dRudder Pro Wireless brings a strong sense of security to the users as they can be seated and yet move naturally with their feet. It perfectly fits a business environment where user safety is paramount.

The must-have accessory for hand tracking applications

The availability of the Oculus Quest hand tracking features or the ability to add hand tracking using Ultraleap components and hardware to other headsets, open up a world of opportunities for VR training, visualization, or simulation applications. Yet the absence of hand controllers means there is a need for a motion control solution at the feet that should be immediate, intuitive and feels natural to the users. It’s exactly what the 3dRudder Pro Wireless is all about.

Easy integration into VR standalone applications

The 3dRudder Pro Wireless can be easily integrated in just a few hours in any VR applications on Oculus Quest or Pico Neo, and other Android based standalone headsets. Visit our developer website for downloading the latest C++ components / Unity assets / UE4 plugins and documentations

3dRudder Pro Wireless

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The 3dRudder Pro Wireless brings hand-free motion control at the feet for VR training and business applications developed for the Oculus Quest / Quest 2 or Pico Neo / Neo 2. Combined with the Oculus Quest or Ultraleap hand tracking features, it enables a unique experience that feels intuitive, precise and secure to the users.

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Immediate, intuitive and natural foot-based motion control for the Oculus Quest and the Pico Neo wireless headsets, and for PC VR headsets, for a safe seated VR experience. Great with standard 3D applications as well.


360 motion: 4 progressive and combinable axes to move seamlessly in VR

Easy to integrate: just a few hours to integrate into a VR or 3D application

Immediate: Easy to carry and to set-up

Intuitive: less than a few seconds for anyone to use it

Parcel includes a 3dRudder Pro Wireless. An external battery (not provided) or using the headset to power the 3dRudder Pro Wireless is required.

SIZE (L X W X H) Diameter: 34 cm / 13.39 in – Height: 7 cm / 2.76 in.
WEIGHT 1,9kg / 4.19lb