The 3 benefits of the 3dRudder in VR


With the 3dRudder Pro foot motion controller, there is no time wasted anymore on training users on how to move in VR with sticks. No issue either with them having difficulties coordinating motion at the sticks with doing with the hands. No need for dedicated space. It takes less than 5 seconds for anyone, even non gamers, to start moving in VR.


Thanks to its 4 axes, the 3dRudder Pro Wireless brings precise motion control to your VR applications. Effortless movements of the feet on its platform suffice to trigger motion: tilt the 3dRudder forward/backward, left/right, rotate it, or exert pressure to move up or down, and experience natural and precise motion control in VR.


For most VR training and business applications, standing is unnecessary. It’s even actually counterproductive as it prevents users from being fully immersed. The 3dRudder Pro brings a strong sense of security to the users as they can be seated and yet move naturally with their feet. It perfectly fits a business environment where user safety is paramount.

Usages with standard PC applications

When 2 hands are not enough

The 3dRudder Pro can be used as a third hand when two are not enough. It angles navigation in 3D environments in CAD software to avoid switching between moving and designing. It lets remotely control distant machines, bringing motion at the feet and freeing both hands to control robotics arms.

With upper-body limited mobility

When because of carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis or arthritis, or following an injury, a stroke, a wound, or from birth, or for ergonomic reasons, users lost the full use of a hand, an arm…, the 3dRudder offers several modes to regain full computer control (keyboard keys, mouse, joystick…).

Easy integration into VR, standard or 3D applications

The 3dRudder Pro can be easily integrated in just a few hours in any VR, standard or 3D applications. Visit our developer website for downloading the latest C++ components / Unity assets / UE4 plugins and documentations

3dRudder Pro

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The 3dRudder Pro brings motion to the feet in your PC VR, standard or 3D applications. Hands are free of motion and can focus on interactions or handle more controls.

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The 3dRudder Pro brings motion at the feet in VR and 3D applications running on PC. In VR, it fosters a deeper immersion and a more memorable experience. With her hands freed up of motion control, the user can focus on interactions. In 3D, the 3dRudder Pro lets the users navigate 3D digital or real environments with her feet, enabling the use of more controls at the hands. It can be used as an accessibility device with standard PC applications. The 3dRudder Pro comes also with a free dashboard software that lets users configure the controls they bring to the feet (keyboard keys, mouse, joystick…).

Parcel includes a 3dRudder Pro with foot bars to be installed.

SIZE (L X W X H) Diameter: 34 cm / 13.39 in – Height: 7 cm / 2.76 in.
COLOR Black & red
WEIGHT 1,9kg / 4.19lb