6D lab

Business Case

6D lab is a Spanish company that started developping HMDs and extended its activity to development of VR software. Here is how 6D lab integrated the 3dRudder as a motion controller into a VR emergency training.

About the project

We worked on this project along with Fundación Mapfre whose main focus is on accident prevention. The idea of the project was to simulate a situation of emergency – in this case an arson in a large building – and to study the behavior of different groups of people. In the project we developed, an alarm rings, you get instructions, and the goal is to observe how quick people react, if they pay attention to safety signs, how much time they need to get out of the building, etc. In total, it took 10 months for the project to see light.

At first we used the HTC Vive controllers. We tried with free locomotion and with teleportation. Then, we were introduced to the 3dRudder.

About Sabela Reig, Unreal Engine Architect, and 6D lab

Sabela Reig works with 6D lab, a Spanish company that specializes in the VR industry. 6D lab started by developing HMDs before extending its activity to the development of VR software. 6D lab now is the expert in VR emergency simulation training and risk prevention at work.

How they use the 3dRudder

When I first heard of the 3dRudder, I was interested and wanted to know more about it. I then had a demo and I liked it. We decided to integrate it into our VR experience because we feel that the device brings a series of benefits to the user: it’s intuitive, it allows a comfortable using, it frees the hands of the users for more interaction as they move with their feet, and motion sickness is reduced.

It’s an innovative device, very intuitive and it enables a comfortable use of VR. I also appreciate its handy size. I think the 3dRudder can have a strong impact on the VR market as it is a very innovative motion controller. 3dRudder are pioneers and in a market in which, to this day, everything is pretty costly, the 3dRudder is a very economical device. For these reasons I can see a bright future for the 3dRudder.