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The Edificius BIM modelling software is rapidly becoming the best way to integrate architectural, interior design, landscaping and public spaces design, converging to advanced 3D modelling of MEP systems and all types of building design disciplines.

ACCA software teams up with 3DRudder to bring their Revolutionary Motion Controllers for VR to the AEC industry for the first time with Edificius BIM for architecture and BIM design.

Buildings are certainly becoming sophisticated pieces of engineering and so it's not enough to simply base concept and final designs on typical 2D or 3D design output. You need to experience the project directly perceiving spaces, assessing material choices, checking clashes and also convince better with VR viewing workflows.

Virtual tour of your BIM models in immersive VR directly in Edificius | VRiBIM supporting 3DRudder

Take a virtual tour of your BIM models in immersive VR directly in Edificius | VRiBIM supporting 3DRudder

Take the VR Architecture and Building design viewing experience even further.

With Edificius and the VRiBIM tool, experience immersive virtual reality technology integrated in BIM for architecture and design with all the advantages of 3DRudder. VRiBIM changes your way of designing, in fact, it radically transforms your relationship with the stakeholders involved in the project and greatly improves communication with customers too.

With Edificius VRiBIM you can explore your project live. See it in all its details as if it were already built and get an even more realistic perception of spaces, environments, colors, lights and materials.

Even the presentation of the project becomes a dynamic and interactive experience; you will be able to communicate your ideas in an even clearer, more understandable and engaging way and test changes in real time as they are requested by the client (from simple choices such as furniture or surface finishes, to more demanding functional-architectural choices).

Modify the BIM model in real time from the immersive virtual reality environment

VRiBIM is the first technology for Immersive Virtual Reality integrated and dynamically connected to BIM software solutions for architecture and design.

With VRiBIMyou can modify the BIM model - from the immersive virtual reality environment or through the dynamically connected BIM authoring software - while you navigate in the virtual environment you get a direct visual feedback to reach the most appropriate design choices rapidly.

Each BIM model becomes an interactive environment that responds to inputs and offers immediate insights to improve the project. Thanks to Edificius VRiBIM, trying different solutions and evaluating their feasibility in real time changes everything.

Real-Time rendering and BIM model Virtual Reality

Even collaborate online in real-time with your colleagues, sharing and managing information assets for large and complex buildings and infrastructures with usBIM, the integrated system of applications and functions to manage the digitization of buildings and infrastructures in an easy, secure, shared and collaborative manner. Adding a specific plugin to usBIM, you can experience VR interaction with your compatible HMD and 3DRudder over a cloud 3D model sharing session using a simple browser.

With usBIM.reality, take a virtual tour of your .IFC, .EDF, .RVT or .SKP models using a simple browser in an entirely online viewing experience. Thanks to the advanced functions of Real-Time Rendering, you can view your models with realistic materials and other powerful viewing tools to check your BIM models for quality issues and also assess conflicts while increasing realism and movement control with 3DRudder.

usBIM.reality is an usBIM cloud integrated system application and available in as an additional viewing tool

usBIM, the BIM management system, scalable and configurable according to your needs.

Get started with 10+1 applications and 10GB of cloud storage space for free. Then choose the applications that you need to configure your usBIM experience according to your preferred workflow.