Directory of Compatible Software

Explore the directory of software compatible with the 3dRudder motion controllers, and relevant to your industry. You can browse by name or search for a topic. 

3dRudder Dashboard

The 3dRudder dashboard lets you use any software where motion is normally handled by keyboard keys or a joystick. Also great for accessibility features.

The 3dRudder dashboard enables you to use your 3dRudder connected to PC with most existing software that uses keyboard keys or a joystick for motion/navigation.
You can browse documents, control video players... with the feet while taking notes with the hands.
You're more productive or more creative.

As the 3dRudder is also a great accessibility device, the dashboard can also turn it into a full mouse (right and left, click, double click, scroll).

The 3dRudder Dashboard will also handle firmware updates so that you can benefit from our continuous improvements.
Download it here