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For gaming, animation or motion pictures, discover a new way to smoothly control the camera when designing, shooting or polishing a scene.

Incredibly intuitive

The 3dRudder is a fully comprehensive motion controller that enables intuitive 360° motion in any VR or 3D environment. 4 progressive axes, including up and down, can be combined to perform incredible movements.

surprisingly precise

 The 3dRudder offers an analog and precise motion control of the camera, easily enabling complex yet natural movements across a scene. It takes just a few seconds to understand how it works, and a few minutes to master it.

hand free

The 3dRudder frees up the hands of motion, letting them focus on design and other controls.

Easy to setup

The 3dRudder is easy to set up, either via our plugins or thanks to native support of VR and 3D applications.

Use the 3dRudder as a camera controller

Shoot incredible 3D films with the 3dRudder

The 3dRudder is a fantastic virtual camera controller. Its 4 axes can be combined together, up to the 4 simultaneously to take incredible shots. All you need to do is put your feet on the 3dRudder to hover over, pick your perspective, and start making great sequences.

Control camera motion in live scenes

Use the 3dRudder as a camera controller to direct the movements of your camera from anywhere, seated in a chair, and get as much flexibility as you could dream of to make incredible shootings. Combine up to the 4 axes of the 3dRudder together, execute movements of the camera one after the other, slow down, speed up the motion: all this can be done simply.