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Exposure Therapy

Provide patients with intuitive, safe and natural motion control at the feet with the 3dRudder, in VR exposure therapy or relaxation exercises.


The 3dRudder is used seated and feels safe to all, regardless of the patient’s condition.


The 3dRudder can be used even by non-gamers and elderlies.


It takes just a few seconds to learn how to use it: tilting, twisting, exerting pressure to move in the application.


The 3dRudder can be brought home in mixed therapy setups.

The 3dRudder is a great tool in exposure therapy

Create a safe environment

Exposure therapy conducted in public places may have unpredictable effects; and exposing the patient to real situations is not always easily feasible. Using Virtual reality simulations in combination with the 3dRudder significantly lessens the risk level and gives both the patient and the therapist the ability to control the grade of exposure while comfortably seated in an office. As a foot motion controller used seated, the 3dRudder avoids any kind of falling injury, or loss of balance, and is safe and easy to operate.

Give control to your patients

VR exposure therapy is mostly thought of as a series of simulations controlled by the therapist according to the patient’s reaction to a given level of stress. The 3dRudder aims at giving the patient, under the supervision of the therapist, the ability to withdraw from an anxiogenic situation when they feels they have reached their limit or to take upon himself to go further when they feel ready to. Creating this sense of control over the patient’s own fears is a new approach to the therapy that may have a significant impact on the treatment of anxiety disorders.

How does the 3dRudder work in VR exposure therapy?

The patient is equipped with a head-mounted display and led through a virtual environment that relates directly to his fears.Let’s take the example of a patient suffering from agoraphobia. The objective of the simulation is to gradually take the patient to enter a crowded hall. During the simulation phase, the 3dRudder comes as a controller given to the patient to literally walk around in the VR experience and decide where he wants to go and when. If the patient feels ready to step into the crowded hall, he tilts the 3dRudder forward to ‘walk’ forward and enter the hall. If the situation becomes too frightening, he just tilts the device backward to walk away.

The 3dRudder enhances VR relaxation exercises


Relaxation exercises are one promising use of virtual reality. Putting on the VR headset immediately puts you into soothing environments, and the 3dRudder lets you wander into them, giving you the opportunity to stroll peacefully, and enjoy the relaxing effects at their fullest.


By allowing you to journey within the experience, the 3dRudder turns you from a spectator to a traveler. Your mind slowly drifts away from daily stress, leaving you with a feeling of well-being.

Business Case

Greener Games

Greener Games is a VR game studio, developer of Nature Treks VR, a relaxing VR experience.Here is how Greener Games integrated the 3dRudder as a VR motion controller into Nature Treks VR.

Greener games

Greener games was founded by John Carline, a Senior Lead artist with many years of experience at AAA studios, with the intent of developing original, creative and memorable experiences that would help people feel better. Nature Treks VR , available on Steam VR and the Oculus Store is their first release.

How they use the 3dRudder

Greener games integrated the 3dRudder as motion controller in Nature Treks VR. Before that, blink teleportation was the only supported locomotion solution. Now that the 3dRudder was integrated, users just need to plug in the 3dRudder, launch the game, and start navigating in the experience with their feet on the board.

Someone on the Nature Treks VR Steam forums mentioned the 3dRudder. I had a look through the details and demo videos and thought it looked very interesting. I integrated the 3dRudder as a motion controller for Nature Treks VR shortly after. The team at 3dRudder was incredibly helpful in supporting me through the integration. Moving with the 3drudder is a unique experience. It’s very comfortable and intuitive. I’d say it’s a very unique and natural way of navigating around a 3d space.””

John Carline
Founder of Greener Games