Greener Games

Business Case

Greener Games is a VR game studio, developer of Nature Treks VR, a relaxing VR experience.
Here is how Greener Games integrated the 3dRudder as a VR motion controller into Nature Treks VR.

About Greener Games

Greener games was founded by John Carline, a Senior Lead artist with many years of experience at AAA studios, with the intent of developing original, creative and memorable experiences that would help people feel better. Nature Treks VR , available on Steam VR and the Oculus Store is their first release.

About John Carline, founder of Greener Games

John Carline spent several years working in the video game industry as a Lead artist at AAA studios including Pandemic Studios, Frontier Developments and Slightly Mad Studios on big franchises such as Total war, Medieval 2: Total war, and the newly released Oriental Empires.

The idea for developing a relaxing experience was born out of a conversation with his wife about using technology in some way to help people with disorders or disabilities. It led to the creation of Greener Games, and the release of Nature Treks VR in April 2017.

About the Creation of Nature Treks VR

To me, Nature Treks VR is the first step on a journey to create original, creative and memorable experiences. I hope that when people remove the headset and step out of the Nature Treks VR experience they feel better than when they stepped in.

I worked on the development of Nature Treks VR for about 6 months before releasing it into early access, and again for a few more months before the official release. At the time of the official release, the only supported locomotion solution was blink teleportation.

Someone on the Nature Treks VR Steam forums mentioned the 3dRudder and pointed me to their site. I had a look through the details and demo videos and thought it looked very interesting. I’d never seen or used anything like it and I wondered how it might feel to use one. I integrated the 3dRudder as a motion controller for Nature Treks VR shortly after.

About the Integration of the 3dRudder

I use the Unity engine so I imported the 3dRudder Unity package. My industry background is art so even minor technical tasks can be a brick wall unfortunately. I made the 3dRudder team aware of the issues I had, and they were incredibly helpful in supporting me through the integration. Now the controller has been created I believe it would take me only a few hours work to support the 3dRudder in a future project.

The Benefits of the 3dRudder

Moving with the 3drudder is a unique experience so it’s not comparable to any other locomotion system. I like to feel like I’m floating about while casually throwing down the creator orbs as I go, manifesting my world as trees and rocks spring up around me. It can be quite a surreal experience. I’d say it’s a very unique and natural way of navigating around a 3d space.
Once you get used to it, it’s very comfortable and intuitive. As the VR market keeps growing, I think the 3dRudder will continue to be a unique choice, and I am planning to support it natively in future projects.

As for now, Nature Treks VR offers the 3dRudder as a locomotion solution, and the experience is actively being developed and supported: 3 new environments (Red Savanna, Blue Deep and Black Beginning) have been added lately, and more are in development.