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Location-Based Entertainment – Arcade

Add the 3dRudder to your arcade setup to offer thrilling VR experiences for any type of public and expand your business.

One for all

The 3dRudder is a versatile VR motion controller that lets you move in a variety of game genres: FPS, flight simulation, exploration. One set-up is all it takes to play any type of VR game.

More Players

With a size allotment as small as 1,4m2/13 sq. feet per pod, the 3dRudder lets you fit more players in a given space, and fit players where you thought was impossible.

Less staff involvement

The 3dRudder is super intuitive and lets anyone, even non-gamers move in VR in a matter of a few seconds, achieving real life movements like orbiting a target while shooting at it.

Large selection of games

The 3dRudder is integrated into more and more games you can find in arcade systems

Setting Up the 3dRudder for LBE/Arcade

3dRudder Pro Wireless + Ground Gripper

The 3dRudder pro Wireless can be used with teethered (HTC Vive) or wireless (Oculus Quest, Pico Neo) headsets. It is best hold in place by the 3dRudder Ground Gripper.

Example of pods arrangement

Here is an example of a star arrangement enabling users to move their arms around without the risk of bumping into other players.