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Occupational Therapy

The 3dRudder lets you add the feet to the personal or business setup you design for your patients with permanent or temporary upper-limb limited mobility. 


The 3dRudder is used seated and feels safe to all, regardless of the patient’s condition.


The 3dRudder can be used even by non-gamers and elderlies.


It takes just a few seconds to learn how to use it: tilting, twisting, exerting pressure to move in the application.


The 3dRudder can be brought home in mixed therapy setups.

The 3dRudder for patients with upper-limbs limited mobility

3dRudder One-Foot System Pro Wireless

For patients missing a hand/arm, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, or recovering from a stroke and unable to execute delicate tasks with one of their hands, the 3dRudder opens up a world of possibilities.

.When the simple use of a traditional computer peripheral is a challenge, or a total impossibility, the 3dRudder is the controller that lets your patients use their feet instead of their hands to play video games, browse the web, or use Microsoft Windows applications. It also works with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The 3dRudder for stroke survivors

3dRudder One-Foot System Pro Wireless

Following a stroke a wound or an injury or suffering from hemiplegia or hemiparesis, a patient may be left with one unaffected side of her body. Provided she can use one hand and one foot you only have one unaffected hand and one unaffected foot and cannot play anymore PC games or Xbox games.The 3dRudder One-Foot System Pro Wireless is a unique solution that lets your patients step back into the game. By combining the 3dRudder foot controller and a keyboard or a mouse on a PC or the 3dRudder the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller and an Xbox gamepad they can play most PC or Xbox games easily with just one side of their body.

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse

All the functionalities of a standard mouse, at the feet

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse provides patients with all the functionalities of a traditional PC mouse, at the feet, when because of carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis or arthritis, or following an injury, a stroke, a wound, or from birth or for ergonomic reasons, they should not, cannot or do not want to use a hand mouse anymore. Our foot-controlled mouse is easy to set-up, intuitive to use, ergonomic and complete. It is the perfect alternative to a standard computer mouse.