AURORA is an inspection tool developed for Virtual Reality that allows to manipulate and analyze 3D models in an immersive way. It facilitates the interpretation of the volume of 3D models, with a wide range of functionalities and tools to be applied to accelerate product validation.
VR SHOWROOM uses the power of Virtual Reality to deliver an innovative product experience. Representations of replicas faithful to the real product where the client navigates with 6 degrees of freedom. The catalog is shown to the client as if it were physically in front of the real object, with virtual animations to show all its added value.
AURORA training is a platform of training capsules that aims to create a Virtual Reality (VR) classroom for the education and training of students and technicians in their specialized field. Through Virtual Reality, the aim is to recreate the facilities and train students in a virtual environment where they can improve their skills and abilities, without the dangers of a real facility.