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Physical Therapy

The 3dRudder enables new applications in physical therapy for ankle or feet mobility, or for motor coordination exercices.


The 3dRudder is used seated and feels safe to all, regardless of the patient’s condition.


The 3dRudder can be used even by non-gamers and elderlies.


It takes just a few seconds to learn how to use it: tilting, twisting, exerting pressure to move in the application.


The 3dRudder can be brought home in mixed therapy setups.

The 3dRudder is a great tool in physical therapy

Ankle and feet mobility

For patients experiencing reduced ankle and feet mobility due to long period of physical inactivity or following surgery, the 3dRudder is a great way to start reeducation with soft, pain free exercises.

Coordination exercises

The 3dRudder proves helpful to stimulate lower-limb motor functions and work on coordination and balance exercises for patients recovering from strokes or the elderlies

Track your patient’s progress

Strength and power

The 3dRudder includes 6 pressure sensors that register the applied force to the board. The measure of each sensor can be retrieved independently, enabling you to finely track the progress of your patient for each type of strength-training exercise.

Range of motion

The 3dRudder has a rounded basis that allows wide range-of-motion exercises. Angles of inclination and rotation are tracked to help you measure improvement towards full range-of-motion recovery.