3dRudder Pro


The 3dRudder Pro brings motion to the feet in your PC VR, standard or 3D applications. Hands are free of motion and can focus on interactions or handle more controls.

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The 3dRudder Pro brings motion at the feet in VR and 3D applications running on PC. In VR, it fosters a deeper immersion and a more memorable experience. With her hands freed up of motion control, the user can focus on interactions. In 3D, the 3dRudder Pro lets the users navigate 3D digital or real environments with her feet, enabling the use of more controls at the hands. It can be used as an accessibility device with standard PC applications.
The 3dRudder Pro comes also with a free dashboard software that lets users configure the controls they bring to the feet (keyboard keys, mouse, joystick…).

Parcel includes a 3dRudder Pro with foot bars to be installed.

SIZE (L X W X H) Diameter: 34 cm / 13.39 in – Height: 7 cm / 2.76 in.
COLOR Black & red
WEIGHT 1,9kg / 4.19lb