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Real Estate – Construction

Visit projects and properties from ground level up to top floor, explore every angle, pick your perspective, in a truly interactive and immersive way thanks to the 3dRudder as a free locomotion solution.


The 3dRudder is used seated and feels safe to all, regardless of the patient’s condition.

Hand free

Navigate digital environments with the feet while hands act on the model.


It takes just a few seconds to learn how to use it, even for non gamers.

Supported by BIM tools 

The 3dRudder is supported by more and more BIM vendors, making its use totally plug & play.

Improve cost efficiency

Construction requires extraordinary high investment levels and projects must ensure that the project is fully viable before breaking ground is a major stake. Simulating a project in virtual reality or 3D is a first step towards uncertainty reduction. Integrating the 3dRudder into this phase to enable thorough exploration of the project by all engineers to check for conflicts and make any appropriate changes is where a true difference can be made.

Boost customers’ buy in

Save time & money

Doing a virtual visit saves both the vendor and the customer time and money, at one condition: being able to do the visit in real-like condition, thereby the need for a relevant motion solution. That’s what the 3dRudder offers with its 4 axes enabling the user to be in total control of its walkthrough, with a fluid, seamless motion.

Provide full-scale immersion

The magic of virtual reality is it’s ability to provide a full-scale experience that you can literally step into. Using misappropriate locomotion solution that spoil immersion could nonetheless kill the golden goose. The 3dRudder is the most appropriate VR motion controller for all 360 experiences when it comes to providing real-life conditions.