3dRudder Pro Wireless Setup

Start Instructions for Pico Neo / Neo 2

Thank you for purchasing a 3dRudder Pro Wireless.

This page will help you start using your foot controller with your Pico Neo / Neo 2 headset.

Step 1: 
Powering up the 3dRudder Pro Wireless

The 3dRudder Pro Wireless is not equipped with a battery.

To power it up, you can connect it to:
– an external battery,
– a power plug, like the one you use to charge your phone,
– the USB port of a PC.

You can also plug it into the usb-c connector of your Pico Neo, using a USB-to-USB-C adapter . The power consumption of the 3dRudder will barely affect the battery of your Quest.

Please note, when connected to a PC, the 3dRudder Pro Wireless can also be used with PC VR headsets and standard PC applications in native, joystick, keyboard, or mouse modes.

When powering up your 3dRudder, you hear a beep, 3 short beeps, and a long beep. After the long beep, the 3dRudder is ready to be used. Or when used for the first time with your standalone headset, it is ready to be paired.

3dRudder Pro Wireless with battery

Step 2: 
Downloading and Installing the 3dRudder App 

To use the 3dRudder Pro Wireless with your Pico Neo / Neo 2, you first need to install the 3dRudder Wireless app on your headset.

Please note this app is only used for pairing your the 3dRudder with your Neo and for creating and writing configuration files needed by the 3dRudder and third party applications.

The 3dRudder Wireless app will be enriched over time (settings, accessibility features…).

You’ll find the 3dRudder Wireless app on the Pico Store, accessible directly from your headset.

Once installed, just start the 3dRudder Wireless app located in the Neo application panel, and follow the initial setup instructions to pair your device.

Step 3: 
Gun Gun, a Small Arcade Game

Gun Gun is a simple arcade game that lets you play in all dimensions with the 3dRudder at the feet and your hand controllers as a shield and a laser pistol.

Download Gun Gun directly from the Pico Store in your headset.

Once installed, Gun Gun will be located in the Neo application panel.

Gun Gun arcade

Step 4: 
Let’s Keep In Touch

Feel free to write to us at hello@3drudder.com  with any comments or suggestions you may have. We are always eager to improve both our software and our hardware.