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Let your visitors, even non-gamers, explore your site in VR, hand-free, with the intuitive, safe and natural 3dRudder foot motion controller.


The 3dRudder is used seated and feels safe to all.


The 3dRudder can be used even by non-gamers..


It takes just a few seconds to learn how to use it, providing natural motion to users.

Easy to add

The 3dRudder can be added to existing experiences in just a few hours.

Add intuitive, safe and natural motion to your VR setups

Create a unique VR experience for your on-site visitors

As VR technology becomes more popular, visitors soon will no longer enjoy being simple watchers but will expect to be part of the experience. By providing full motion control while comfortably  and safely seated, and freeing up hands for interaction, the 3dRudder is the device that will help you meet your visitors’ expectation.

Add the 3dRudder to let all visitors use your VR setups

With no fatigue, and discarding any risk of fall or injury, users can turn around a statue and explore any detail, see a monument from high above, get so close to a painting they see the cracks of the polish.
Also, it enables visitors with upper-limbs limited mobility to access your VR experiences as well.